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Corporate Mission
Industry serves the country and contributes to society
Corporate Vision
Converging the essence of technology to create a century of Hongyu
Corporate Spirit
Career First and Honesty First Unity, Cooperation and Innovation
Company Purpose
Quality and Trustworthiness for Win-win
Business Policy
Sharing of Benefits in Quality Promoting Enterprises
The four aspects of "honesty, innovation, performance and harmony" embody the value orientation of management decision and behavior of Dongying Hongyu Precision Casting Equipment Co., Ltd., which is an organic unity. Among them, integrity is the cornerstone, innovation is the driving force, performance is the goal, and harmony is the guarantee. Honesty, honesty and trustworthiness, words and deeds. Credit is the basic requirement of market economy for enterprises. The company regards credit as its foundation and source of development. Innovation: Keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate. Innovation is the inexhaustible motive force of enterprise development and the source of the company's eternal vitality. The fundamental requirement of innovation is to reflect the times, grasp the regularity and be creative. According to the requirement of "new ideas for development, new breakthroughs for reform, new prospects for opening up and new initiatives for all kinds of work", efforts should be made to improve the company's all-round innovation ability. Performance: Performance first, create excellence. Performance is the ultimate embodiment of all the production and operation results of an enterprise, the most critical indicator for evaluating the development of an enterprise, and an important yardstick for measuring the contribution of units and employees. The performance of each employee is the basis of the company's performance. Harmony: Unity and cooperation to create harmony. Harmony is an important guarantee for the normal operation and sustainable development of the company. Internal harmony creates the driving force for development, while external harmony provides a good environment for survival and development. We should further improve the management system, rationally set up the internal organizational structure according to the principle of maximizing benefits and the needs of business development, rationally divide the rights and obligations of each management level, achieve the unity of responsibilities, rights and interests, smooth communication of information and efficient operation of the organization. We should properly handle the relationship between enterprises and employees, the whole and part, the near future and the long-term interests, form institutional arrangements that can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees and all aspects, vigorously advocate harmonious interpersonal relations, and create a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere. Enterprise slogans: Because we know, we are more professional! Because of specialty, we go farther!
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