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Precision Casting Technology

Issuing time:2016-11-04 00:00

Precision casting is a method of plastic processing. Early casting was to inject liquid monomers or prepolymers (see polymers) into the mould at atmospheric pressure, then solidify and form them into products with the same shape as the inner cavity of the mould. At the beginning of the 20th century, phenolic resin was first formed by casting method.

Casting usually does not exert pressure, the strength requirements of equipment and dies are not high, the size of products is less limited, and the internal stress of products is also low. Therefore, the production investment is less, and large-scale parts with good performance can be produced, but the production cycle is longer, so it must be machined after forming. On the basis of traditional casting, the methods of pouring, inlaying, pressure casting, rotary casting and centrifugal casting are derived.

(1) Perfusion. The difference between this method and casting is that the finished product is removed from the mould, while the mould is an integral part of the product itself when pouring.

(2) Inlay casting. All kinds of non-plastic parts are placed in the die cavity, solidified together with the injected liquid material, and encapsulated in it.

Pressure casting. Applying certain pressure to the material during casting is beneficial to injecting the viscous material into the mould and shortening the filling time. It is mainly used for epoxy resin casting.

(4) Rotary casting. After the material is injected into the mould, the mould rotates around one or more axes at a lower speed. The material is distributed on the inner wall of the cavity by gravity, and is shaped by heating and curing. It is used to manufacture hollow products such as spherical and tubular products.

_Centrifugal casting. Quantitative liquid material is injected into a high-speed and heated die around a single axis. The material is distributed on the inner wall of the die cavity by centrifugal force and solidified into tubular or hollow tubular products by physical or chemical action. Single casting nylon parts can also be formed by centrifugal casting.

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