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Cleaning and Repairing Technology of Precision Casting

Issuing time:2016-11-11 00:00

Cleaning and renovation of precision casting have related manufacturing technology. Cleaning process and renovation process have been better improved. Our goal is also to improve the quality of products, but also to enhance the corporate image.

The cleaning process includes the vibration of the casting part in the shell shaker, the separation of the parts from the die head, and the grinding of the gate between the grinding parts to the extent required by the customers. Repair will grind the gate workpiece rework, shaping, in order to meet customer requirements. Rehabilitation process, the cleaning process of the workpiece into the shot blasting machine shot blasting, removal of the residual shell on the workpiece after inspection, rework by gas grinding wheel, shaping, welding after inspection, rework qualified products and disposable qualified products together according to process requirements pickling, sand blasting, heat treatment, machine processing, final inspection qualified products into the warehouse 。 Processing workpiece according to customer requirements, the parts to be processed are machined. Precision casting cleaning and renovation process is so perfect that it can achieve today's exquisite products.

These are the contents of the cleaning and renovation process of precision casting, which I will share with you today. Our company is a professional manufacturer of precision casting equipment. If there is a need for related products, please contact us. Dongying Hongyu Precision Casting Equipment Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes letters from new and old customers for guidance and business negotiation.

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